StB’s Top 25 to Check – OCT ’09

How’s it going everybody? StB here, back for the first time, with the new edition of “Top 25 to Check”. We did it a little differently this time around and actually included download links for all the songs. There was a slew of people who didn’t really feel like going out and looking for the songs themselves so I figured that since it takes me like 5 minutes to put a download link together, I should just add one anyways. It also gives me an opportunity to remind everyone, once again, that my newest mixtape, “Peace Be The Journey”, is still up for download. So check out the new songs and then check out the mixtape. Or check out the mixtape and go about your day. Either way, download the mixtape and check out the songs, and keep supporting StB and NextDoor Music.

Top Songs (October)

(note: these songs are arranged in no particular order. the first and the last ones are equally dope.)

Drake – “Fear”
– wow. this song makes me cry. “no autotune, but you can feel the pain. it all comes spilling out, like i hit a vein.”
J. Cole – “Dreams (Feat. Brandon Hines)”
– same sample that Kanye flipped for “Drive Slow”, but this version is intense on so many different levels. J. Cole literally has next and if there’s only one song you listen to on here, it should be this one.
Wale – “Ice & Rain”
– damn. if you thought Wale only rapped about the DMV and how fly his Nike boots were, then you sir are mistaken. I would put his whole album on here, but we’ll save that for next month.
T-Pain – “Dope (Feat. Shawnna)”
– this is what happens when you piss off T-Pain. keep hating please.
R. Kelly – “Number One (Feat. T-Pain & Keyshia Cole) (Remix)”
– sex music.
The Black Keys – “Hoochie Coo (Feat. Jim Jones & Mos Def)”
– jimmy comes through with some extremely dope verses and mr. def fucking kills the chorus. oh and yeah, the beat is filthy to the tenth degree.
Raekwon – “We Will Rob You (Feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & Gza)”
– the ruler’s back and this song literally makes me feel like it’s ’95 all over again. the chef is back with another album and he hasn’t lost a step since the original purple tape.
Kevin Cossum (KC) – “I Get Paper (Feat. Drake)”
– to be completely honest, i dont know if this real or not. but this song is extremely hot and if you liked “juice”, you’ll like this version.
Jason Derulo – “Whatcha Say”
– even though this song is all over y100, it’s still a yamskii and the sample in this is gross.
The Roots – “How I Got Over”
– holy crap. black thought sings?!?!?!? this is awesome. and this video is fire too.
Verse Simmonds – “Buy You A Round”
– i’m not gunna lie, i put this dude’s same glasses on all the time and jam out to this song. no homo.
Chris Brown – “Transform Ya (Feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz)”
– chris breezy and lil weezy link up for Mr. Brown’s new single. let’s see if he can rebound after the whole rihanna situation.
Ghostface Killah – “Guest House (Feat. Fabolous & Shareefa)”
– Ghostdini seems to be lost in Jersey and it plays out to be a fly ass song with assistance from Mr. rapped-on-phonics.
KiD CuDi – “Pursuit Of Happiness (Feat. Ratatat & MGMT)”
– this album is perfect and this song needs to be on your iPod.
Shakira – “She Wolf (Feat. T-Pain) (Remix)”
– t-pain makes this song a million times better, but the video will always have a special place in my heart.
Kings Of Leon – “Use Somebody (CHEW FU Remix)”
– sick remix to our favorite drunken karaoke jam.
Jadakiss – “Take Me To NY”
– Nas had “New York State Of Mind”. Hova has “Empire State Of Mind”. and now Mr. Raspy has this.
T-Pain – “Take Your Shirt Off”
– wow. this is why i love t-pain. he can make songs like “Can’t Believe It” and “Chopped ‘N Skrewed” and then come back with something like this. yes.
Lil Jon – “Give It All U Got”
– new single off Lil Jizzel’s “Crunk Rock” disc. he needs to get on more techno beats.
B.o.B – “Champion”
– i’ve been looking for this song since i heard it at the Espy’s. fire.
Mook ‘N Fair – “Who’s Your Daddy?”
– this beat is fire. and i believe these dudes when they “ask a hoe if their daddy is as rich as them”.
Brisco – “Black Shades (Feat. Ballgreezy & Billy Blue)”
– lol. brisco is never gunna come out with an album.
Mickey Factz & B.o.B – “Mind Blowin”
– yeah, this song just kicks ass.
Alexis Y Fido – “Bartender”
– even if you don’t know any spanish (shouts to my Boca people), you can still apreciate that reggaeton is moving away the same ol’ dembow rhythm and moving in the fist pumping direction.
Royce Da 5’9″ – “New Money”
– 1/4th of Slaughterhouse comes through with nasty punchlines and a sick beat to let you know about his new money. it works.

Download Link:

StB – “Peace Be The Journey”

Download link:


~ by StB on October 4, 2009.

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