StB’s Top 25 to Check.

What’s up everybody. StBizzle here letting you guys know what’s good with music lately. My good friend from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) gave me this idea since I always know about new music and no one else really does. Every month I’m going to put up a list of 25 songs to check out. Some are straight hip-hop, some are indie rock, some are gutta rap, and some might be some awkward left field shit that only StB could like. Regardless, I hope to make someone’s top 25 list in the near future and this is just an ode to artists who make quality music.

Top 25 (September)

(note: these songs are arranged in no particular order. the first and the last ones are equally dope.)

Jay-Z – “On To The Next One (Feat. Swizz Beatz)”
– sick Justice sample. one of the few highlights of BP3
XV – “Mirrors Edge Remix (Feat. Mike Posner, Bun B & GLC)”
– the newcomer from Kansas kills it with Mr. Posner himself. Bun comes with that ol’ school “Pocket Full Of Stones” sound.
Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Come Up Remix)
– too many remixes of this one. this is the best one.
Empire Of The Sun – “Walking On A Dream”
– something about this track makes me want to get up.
Drake – “Forever (Feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem)”
– classic.
KiD CuDi – “Make Her Say (Feat. Kanye West & Common) (Nadastrom 88 Dub Remix)”
– they went 180 degrees for this remix and it works perfectly.
Amerie – “Heard ‘Em All Remix (Feat. Lil Wayne)”
– “it’s miss Amerie and mr. a milli”
Hurricane Chris – “Headboard (Feat. Mario & Plies)”
– “let me stuff this pillow behind the headboard, cuz if i don’t do that, it’s gunna make too much noise”
Pitbull – “Daddy’s Little Girl (Feat. Slim)”
– fist pumping with a message.
Donnis – “Gone”
– dude’s got everyone in rap behind him. it’s only a matter of time.
Drake – “Killer (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)”
– best from canada plus the new best from the west. killuhhh.
David Guetta – “Memories (Feat. KiD CuDi)”
– if you don’t jam to this song, then you have no soul.
Felt – “Protagonists”
– “and this time Aes Rock is the drummer”
Wale – “My Sweetie”
– this song makes me wish i was african
Lunch Money – “Ima Freak”
– diaz bros. always come with club bangers. this one’s a little left field.
Billy Blue – “Fresh From Head 2 Toe”
– “one time for that boy Billy Blue”. this song is incredible. we need a video!!
Triple C’s – “Roadkill”
– “murder. mayhem. machine and machetes. millions of mazeratis mothafucka makin’ miracles. money motivated. miami material”
Ghostwridah – “Celebrate Lyfe”
– 305’s and heartbreaks. why didn’t we think this up?
Matt and Kim – “Daylight”
– look out for our own remix to this track on “Welcome Home”
Charles Reed – “Jook Wit me”
– killin the radio. ultimate juk anthem.
Mullage – “Trick’n”
– this track screams summer barbecues
Dorrough – “Ice Cream Paint Job”
– look out for my remix to this joint on “Peace Be The Journey” Sept. 10th
Eve – “Me N My”
– purely awesome. eve’s going left field for her new disc.
Kidz In The Hall – “Flickin”
– one of the best beats of the year.
B.Noza – “Messy (Feat. Casely, Pitbull & Red Rat)
– “what’s yo name, she says Yessi, and seguro que yes si”

And there it is. You guys are more than welcome to comment on this. And yes, all these songs can be found on the internet for free download. You just have to look for em.


~ by StB on September 3, 2009.

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