Why Charles Hamilton sucks…

Mr. Hamilton used to be one of my faves on the come-up. There was a time that I would rather bump the CH tape over something with Drake on it. But times have changed and so have artists. Charles is retarded. He went from the top freshmen list to dissing Soulja Boy. Whenever you need to diss Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em to gain publicity, you suck. From SB to Rhymefest the laziest rapper in the world went. I thought having a lazy/cool flow could make you famous. The Cool Kids did it. Now Sonic does it. I even started to rap more like him to see if I could get a better performance out of myself. It worked (“Hey Mr. Hamilton!” is the next single) and I got to thank him for that. But he really does rap like he doesn’t give a fuck. And that is stupid. No one like that guy. He’s the type of person that you never want to work with. Everything about Charles Hamilton is half-assed. And that is why he sucks.

one love,



~ by StB on May 5, 2009.

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