StB’s Top 25 to Check – OCT ’09

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How’s it going everybody? StB here, back for the first time, with the new edition of “Top 25 to Check”. We did it a little differently this time around and actually included download links for all the songs. There was a slew of people who didn’t really feel like going out and looking for the songs themselves so I figured that since it takes me like 5 minutes to put a download link together, I should just add one anyways. It also gives me an opportunity to remind everyone, once again, that my newest mixtape, “Peace Be The Journey”, is still up for download. So check out the new songs and then check out the mixtape. Or check out the mixtape and go about your day. Either way, download the mixtape and check out the songs, and keep supporting StB and NextDoor Music. Continue reading ‘StB’s Top 25 to Check – OCT ’09′


StB’s Top 25 to Check.

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What’s up everybody. StBizzle here letting you guys know what’s good with music lately. My good friend from the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) gave me this idea since I always know about new music and no one else really does. Every month I’m going to put up a list of 25 songs to check out. Some are straight hip-hop, some are indie rock, some are gutta rap, and some might be some awkward left field shit that only StB could like. Regardless, I hope to make someone’s top 25 list in the near future and this is just an ode to artists who make quality music.

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22 - Single

StB – “22” (Feat. Lily Allen) (Freestyle)

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After an extremely long and well needed hiatus, NextDoor is back with some new music. The original beat is from AlBe Back’s new cut “Walk On By” featuring Naledge and 88-Keys. This is only a taste of the next tape. It’s going to be a movie. And when I say a movie, think of Animal House meets Beerfest meets Wedding Crashers. Yes.




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StB - "Funky Fresh Fly Dopeness"

StB - "Funky Fresh Fly Dopeness"

StB - "Funky Fresh Fly Dopeness" (Back)

StB - "Funky Fresh Fly Dopeness" (Back)

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